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Matsusho Corporation

3D Modeling Tech World Cup Poster

​News Release    May 11, 2024

The finals of 3D Modeling TECH World Cup was held on May 11, 2024

The 3D Modeling Tech World Cup, aiming at training plant piping design engineers, was held on Saturday May 11, 2024.  A total of 45 piping design engineers from Kanagawa, Osaka, Okayama in Japan and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam applied for the competition, from which the six winners of the qualifying round competed in the finals. 

About US

 Matsusho Corporation was incorporated in 2018 by spinning off the Trading division of Matsusho Group.  We manage several Brands to provide CAD / Human Resource / Consulting related services. 

 Over 50 years of business experience, we provide our service with high quality and reliability that only MATSUSHO can do.

 While we try to maintain and expand our sales by enhancing customers’ satisfaction through the introduction of competitive price but with high quality service from the view point of customers.

​Our Mission

Three-Way Satisfaction

Merchant should take into consideration that Benefits for the Customer, the Vendor, and Society. 

​Our Vision

Materially & Mentally Wealthy

The secret of success is to find your success and happiness in the happiness and success of others.

​Our Value

Humble, Not Proud

We are aware of the ever-changing marketplace, listen to our customers without pride, and offer our services in a customer-first manner to customers who will appreciate the services we create.

Operation of following Brands

Our Services

CAD Software

CAD Software

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  • We make a contract for Monthly / Semi-Annual / Annual Basis depending on customer's project volume.

  • We also can make a contract for project by project.

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​Head Office Design Lab


Ho Chi Minh Design Lab

YAMATO Design Lab

Do you want to Outsource 3D CAD Drafting Services to our Experts?

Contact Us Today!

Contracted Style Engineering

If you have questions regarding our service, please feel free to contact us or directly CALL us at +81-45-228-5443. Our bilingual receptionist will connect with our sales.

Business Location

Matsusho Corporation Head Office
Matsusho Corporation Head Office

#602, 2-2-3 Yamato Higashi, Yamato City,

Kanagawa Prefecutre, 242-0017 Japan

TEL: +81-46-204-4561



Group Companies

Matsusho Kouki Inc. Head Office

Matsusho Kouki Inc.


Matsusho Vietnam Co., Ltd.

English 設計受託の松正商事株式会社
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